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Buy direct at HALF PRICE Designer Fabric Sleeper Couches,Wooden Sleeping Couches,Beds,Baby Cots and Household Furniture from us at Bedfords Importers,Manufacturers and National Suppliers to the Furniture Stores.

Trade and Bulk discounts available!

All Sleeper couches / Sleeping couches are cleared direct to the Public.

We deliver to all provinces ,Cape Town , Bloemfontein , Durban,Johannesburg / Gauteng , Nelspruit , Pretoria etc. and neighbouring countries,Botswana,Mozambique and Namibia.

Our Designer Pillow Top sleeper couches arrived and are selling direct to the Public: Now R2400  Save over R2000.These comfortable sleeper couches retails on special from R4 599 at most furniture stores!

The above and below Designer Pillow Top Sleeper Couches:

Black Synthetic PU Leather Sleeper Couch when it's open in bed form

Black Synthetic PU Leather Sleeper Couch when it’s open in bed form

Black Synthetic PU Leather Sleeper Couch

Black Synthetic PU Leather Sleeper Couch

These soft and comfortable Pillow Top Sleeper Couches are available :

in Plain Black or Brown synthetic / reinforced PU leather

and Grey Luxurious Printed Fabric

Now selling direct to the Public at R2400 Save over R1600 with curve steel legs to render that stunning interior decorating feature.

Our Standard Designer Sleeper Couches: 


Our Imported Designer Leather Touch Soft and Comfy Sleeper Couches as above,Now R1 800 Save over R1400 direct from our warehouse or factory showroom.Buy direct from us at Bedfords Importers,Manufacturers and Suppliers,now selling selling direct to the Public.

You must feel these reinforced Touch Leather fabrics,it feels and look like genuine leather in comfort and feel…you must feel these stunning reinforced Leather Touch sleeper couches.

Trade and Bulk buyers are most Welcome,trade rebates and early settlement discounts available!



Our Arm Rest sleeper couches with build in storage compartment , cup holders and magazine pocket or without cup holders  as above : Now at R4 200 direct to the public.These stunning interior sleeper couches are imported in reinforced synthetic leather touch PU fabrics!

Besides our sleeper couches below,view also our wide range of single beds,baby cots,double bunk beds,baby prams,lounge suites,chest of drawers,bicycles etc.Now selling direct to the Public.View these Half Price range of products via our main website at www. babycotsforsale  . co  . za

Sleeper Couches,Beds,Rocking Chairs,Bicycles,Baby Cots etc

Sleeper Couches,Beds,Rocking Chairs,Bicycles,Baby Cots etc

Our Solid Pine Wood Sleeper Couches :

Our in house manufactured Country Style and chic Beach House sleeper couches as above are clearing direct to the Public at R2600 in solid “A grade” Solid Pine Wood for those loving the natural ambiance of solid wood (excludes futon mattress).

Bring that nautical cosy atmosphere into your home with these stunning Natural Wooden Sleeping Couches.Available in White,Mahogany and Natural Pine Wood finish.

A range of 100 % Cambridge cotton Bull denim futons are available at R1400,direct to the Public!

For information purposes: The old futons that we used to make with cotton or grey wodding, were made up of layers ( putting one layer on top of each other. )The cotton mills closed down around 6 years ago and thus no manufacturing plant as per our knowledge has been making cotton layer futons since. A futon with foam chips was the introduced.All our futons are encased in a Dacron bag as one can’t layer foam chips.

Please Note : All above Sleeper couches must be supported against a wall for lateral support,as these up and down brackets are primarily designed for functional purposes and not for back lateral support.Just imagine visitors and friends jumping or plucking them down on these couches,therefore it’s within reason and obligatory to support any sleeper couch against a wall.If supported against a wall,it will last for many years and who knows….might even be pass on to your 2nd and 3rd generation.As a value added service,these imported patented replacement brackets are available for your account.

Our Sleeper Couch Imported Mechanism for “YOUR” customise Sleeper Couch:

We manufacture complete Free Standing L shape lounge suites and Standard Wing-back couches with the above build in sleeper couch mechanisms to customer’s requirements.

Please Note : These are Free Standing Couches – there are no need to support these couches against a wall.

Bring in your design,measurements,fabric and we’ll manufacture your customise build in sleeper couch to your requirements.We also adopt many other sleeper couch mechansim concepts into our range! Bring in your designs and we’ll manufacture it from scratch!

Various interior decorating Free Standing 2 Seater Sleeper Couches with the above Mechanism are being manufactured to customer’s requirements which includes a 50 mm white lined mattress ( size +/- 1.4m width x 1.9 m length) Now selling at R4200 (the price of R4 200 excludes the sleeper couch mechanism that sells for R1500 and exterior fabric to be supplied by you as the customer ) Save over R3000 (excludes your 14 meters of exterior upholstery fabric or genuine leather to be supplied by you!)

Exclusive Upholstery Fabrics ranges from R20 to R80 per meter direct from Upholstery Wholesale Distributors and Genuine Leather from R240 per square meter.Save Hundreds of Rands by sourcing your fabric or genuine leather direct from fabric suppliers or call us to recommend the most competitive material suppliers!

These Upmarket Interior Decorating Designer sleeper couches are being manufactured with the following stylish couch arms and back rest as below:


Or settle on our 4 most popular Free Standing Sleeper Couch designs as above and below ,a designer sleeping couch manufactured with any of the above designer sleeper couch arm rest with the above sleeper couch mechanism,namely our Wing arm Sleeper Couch,Block Arm Sleeper Couch,Christie Arm Sleeper Couch or our popular Curved Back Sleeper Couch with Scroll arms as below :

Buy first time right the Sleeper couch in the colour and fabric or genuine leather of YOUR choice or view the 3 sleeper couch designs with loose cushions or square backrests on our other Public Website, as below or bring us your own interior decorating couch design for a quote !

Benefits : From our expertise and exposure in the industry,we found the above mechanism exceeds most clients expectations than the small pull out castor wheel sleeper couch concepts, that tends to jam after several use!

Buy the couch or sleeper couch / sleeping couch you really want ….and do not sit with that half baked feeling of ”I like it a little” Buy Now direct from us at Bedfords Importers,Manufacturers and National Suppliers at HALF PRICE !

We manufacture complete matching 3 seaters couches and single chairs at your request! Buy direct from us as Manufacturers,Importers and National Suppliers to the furniture stores and Save Thousands of Rands on genuine leather or designer fabric lounge suites!

Remember : We deliver countrywide in South Africa and neighbouring countries or buy direct various


sleigh beds

single and bunk beds

cupboards,sleeper couches,furniture,chest of drawers from R499,lounge suites,trestle tables and baby cots from R599 Save Hundreds of Rands

via our HALF PRICE Public website at w w w. b a b y c o t s f o r s a l e . c o . za

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